Water Stain Removal in Tucson, AZ

Water stains can be a nuisance when they appear on your windows. Whether from a nearby irrigation system or simply due to not maintaining your shower doors properly, these spots can persist even after a good cleaning. At Sunrise Window Cleaning Inc., we know exactly how to get rid of them and will deliver a superior level of cleanliness to your windows that removes these water spots completely.

Stages of Corrosion

Water stains are actually corrosion occurring at a microscopic level on the glass. There are two stages of corrosion that can dictate the approach for window stain removal in Tucson, AZ:

water stains before
water stains after

Stage 1:

Light corrosion that’s affecting only the surface silicates of the glass.

Stage 2:

Deeper corrosion affecting the pane, leaving a white haze behind.

Unfortunately, Stage 2 damages require glass to be replaced. However, corrosion occurring at Stage 1 levels can be stopped in its tracks by a qualified window cleaning specialist!

Removing Water Stains in Tucson, AZ

Using a mix of special chemicals and cleaning techniques, our team is able to remove Stage 1 water stains. We’re able to completely absolve the minerals causing corrosion and protect the silicate on the surface of the glass.

This process can take longer than a general window cleaning and depends entirely on the severity of the stains and whether or not they’re in a sunny or shaded area. We charge hourly for this service and can usually give you an estimate upfront after extensively assessing the condition of your windows.

Treating all Windows

From residential stain removal to construction window cleaning in Tucson, AZ, we’re adept at working on any jobsite. Our goal is to restore your windows to a clean, pristine state—even after water spots have completely taken them over. If you’re tired of staring at water stains or are putting the finishing touches on a new construction project, give us a call for comprehensive window cleaning.

For more information about water stain removal or to schedule an assessment of your windows, contact Sunrise Window Cleaning Inc. today at 520-574-0414.