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Solar Screens

As we all know, the Tucson winters are great, but the summers can be brutal. The summer sun beats down through your windows and can sun bleach your curtains/draperies, your furniture, and carpeting. We at Sunrise Window Cleaning, Inc. can help you with this dilemma by fabricating custom solar screens to block the harsh UV rays and help lower your electric bill. There are a variety of screen mesh colors to choose from that will match the exterior of your house and add to its beauty. The screens are held on with turn clips to make it easy to take them off and put back on when needed, and unlike window film, they are easily removed so you can take advantage of the sun in the winter to help warm your home.

Screen Repair

Most window screens are made of a fiberglass mesh that the Tucson summer sun will destroy over the years. A good deal of them also has plastic parts that the sun will eat up over time. Also, some screens are very difficult to get on and off and, as a result, the frames can get bent. If you are in need of a repair, we can match the colors of the screen fabric, corners, and frame to bring them back to like new. In addition, if you have any missing screens we can measure and fabricate new ones using no plastic parts.

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